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Commonwealth of Virginia Innovative Technology Symposium

Medallion Web Mapping Applications

IT as Efficiency Driver - Government to Government

Fairfax County
Sophia Dutton, Management Analyst

The Medallion Web Mapping Applications enhance capital improvement planning and targets service delivery in Health and Human Services (HHS) within Fairfax County. This compilation of mapping applications provides for the first time, consistent, detailed, sub-county level data for HHS staff to analyze how environmental conditions impact service demands for specified communities.

Medallion transforms disparate data into actionable information. It also provides a common dataset to support collaboration and coordination with the Department of Planning and Zoning (DPZ) to foster improvements in the design phase and better define infrastructure needs based on demographic, economic, and other social characteristics.

With Medallion, HHS staff, as well as non-profits and the general public, can view the aggregated data geographically by five custom geographies, helping to quickly answer questions such as:

  • Which areas of Fairfax County have a greater concentration of pre-Kindergarten students that may need additional early childhood education services?
  • Do the locations of existing senior centers align with where county citizens aged 65 and older live?
  • What areas have less people with health insurance in order to target outreach about the newly passed Medicaid expansion?
  • Where are the most burdened renters located in order to determine what areas need more affordable housing?

The detailed data enables more targeted and granular decision-making, allowing the division to gain insights, aid in strategic planning, and better allocate limited resources. Medallion has increased efficiency by allowing the community to access data on their own, and haa streamlined the ability of staff to respond to data requests directly.

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